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Tax Preparation

Professional Tax Preparation in Cooper City

financial inspectors working with calculators and tablets in officeThe more income and assets you have, the more complicated tax filing becomes, and the more you stand to lose come tax season. Whether you're an independent professional or an established business in Cooper City, we can help you prepare your tax documents accurately and on time.

At Peterson Accounting CPA PA, we help you keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. Our experienced team works with you to reduce your tax liability to its minimum with efficient tax preparation. We understand what it takes to remain in compliance with the IRS. Call today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you.

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Why Hire a Professional for Tax Preparation?

Keeping up with all the different tax regulations and remaining compliant with the IRS takes valuable time away from your business. The strain of trying to manage everything at once could result in errors that cost your business dearly.

Fortunately, a tax expert can make a world of difference. You only need to provide the information, and we organize and prepare your return for you. Since we continuously stay up to date with new tax laws, we know exactly what to look for when filing and what forms and items you need. Help from a professional minimizes the chance of errors and frees your time to invest in running your business.

Choosing the Correct Tax Forms

close up of tax formsTax filing today is incredibly complex, and even organizing the information you need takes time. It can also be challenging to know which forms you should be filing, and what qualifies as taxable income. Failing to report something that should be taxed can land you in trouble with the IRS.

Having a tax expert to help you organize, prepare, and file your taxes eliminates all of these difficulties. Our experience with individual tax preparation allows us to review your finances and determine precisely what needs to be filed and how. Not only will your taxes be more accurate, but we'll handle all the heavy lifting, so you don't have to be stressed this tax season.

Some of the tax preparation forms we can assist with include:

Federal Tax Returns: Individual taxpayers use Form 1040 to report income from salary, wages, capital gains, and other types of income. Businesses can use Form 1040 (Schedule C, E, or F), 1065, 1120, the 1120S, and others, depending on the entity type. Additional forms are needed for business expenses, depreciation, and amortization.

State Tax Returns: State taxes apply a percentage rate to your adjusted gross income as reported on your federal return. Rates vary considerably, as well as the type of income that is taxable. Not all states collect income tax, but all calculate some form of levy, such a use or sales tax.

Trust Returns: The personal representative or executor of an estate must file Form 1041 and pay taxes at the state and federal level. State tax amounts will depend on residency, and each state has its own definition of what qualifies as a resident trust.

Gift Tax Returns: For gifts above $15,000, you will need to file IRS Form 709, even if you don't end up paying any tax.

Non-Resident Tax Returns: Form 1040-NR-EZ is the required form for income earned in a state where you are not a resident. No matter where you live, we can help calculate and file the correct forms.

Self-Employment Tax: An IRS Schedule C calculates your earnings and how much money you owe. The rate you pay is the sum of the Social Security tax and Medicare tax.

Reducing Your Tax Liability with Our Tax Planning Expertise

Organized and accurate taxes are only half of the benefits a tax professional provides. Peterson Accounting CPA PA can also help you minimize your tax liability through experienced tax planning strategies. We help you find deductions and credits you are eligible for, reducing your tax burden. We also look for ways to lower your tax bracket through such methods as dividing income between family members and deferring income to a later date. Peterson Accounting CPA PA can help ensure that you don't pay a dollar more in taxes than you must.

Year-Round Tax Services

No tax services are complete without looking toward the future. We offer year-round tax services from planning to resolution. Peterson Accounting CPA PA is your partner in taxation and helping you remain compliant with the IRS. We ensure you don't over-pay on taxes at the end of the year using effective tax methods to make sure you only pay what's due.

Your Cooper City Partners in Tax Preparation

businessmen shaking handsPeterson Accounting CPA PA is passionate about helping you manage and maintain healthy finances, and tax preparation is one of the services we provide to help you accomplish this. You can expect personalized services such as convenient meeting times and locations.

Whether you're looking to itemize your deductions and review every line or simply drop off your financial documents, we have the flexibility to work around your schedule and goals. We help you receive your return faster and legally minimize your debt to the IRS. Call us today for a consultation!

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